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Sex: male
Age: ?
Location: A warm place :o
About: Yes EveryOnee I Am Happily Takenn <3 , I'm A Awesome/Lame Ass Personn Only Bad Bitxchess In My Circlee , Hell Yeahh Fuxcking Right... I Wear Shadess For Girls Likee You And Where I'm From We Have A Namee For Girlss Like Youu , I Preferr Hanging With Guys But If Your As Cool As Gweniee You And I Will Get Alongg Great , Deadly Afraid Of Lamess It Might Wear Off On Mee EWW , Soo Uhh That's About It "/ You're Dissmissed >.> Sarahhhh! there's so much to saay(;. well, you told me to hack from like 1 month ago? and, i'm apparently,hacking you now. o; okay, so. you're hot hun. seriously,like omg<3. & your guy is sexy!! #Tomorrow.#Believe.<3 check this out;facebook.com/Akoo/app_150027 831788812 - we're having pizza tonight at my house c:. it gon'be somuchfun! I looove you alot<3. we have been friends for a really long time. you're amazing,funny and so beautiful. we have been through a lot we had good and bad times,but mostly all good. you always know how to make me smile at the worst time. i love you for that. you is my booskie hehee. you're my bestfriend. i would never wanna do anything to ever hurt you. I know I have said things to you but im sorry. we talk about everything and anything<3! I really trust you:] thankyuu for being there for me. iloveyousomuch. omfg baby, fskjhfskjhjw, you are perfect to me. I love you to the ends o this earth. you make me laugh,sometimes! you are TOTALLY crazy. c: in a kind way<3! ima add some up,laterz. -bye. xo.
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