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Gender: female
Age: ?
Location: You.Know.I'm -Incredible;)
The names: Uzmaaa, Got a problem? Turn around:p Because i don't live to please you baby;) Daaaaaaaayum, Youu'r Fit" ;) "Can Youu Seriously Get More Good-looking?" :/ Three Words, Life Goes On Dont Look Back What Has Happened Has Happened For A Reason. A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths... A Soldier Dies But Once. During Your Life, Never Stop Dreaming. No-One Can Take Away Your Dreams. (Dear World,),--Lifes A Game An We Need 2 Play It Correct, Do The Right Moves An Dont Get Caught Up In Ldza Mess, Be Calm Dont Be Stressed, Be Sure To Pass Ya Test, Stand Ur Ground An Dont Let Others Put You To The Test ♥ I Ent A Sket You Spit Ya Barz To, Am The Wifey Type You Give Your Last Name To! ♥
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