Name: xSaMx
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Sex: male
Age: ?
Location: A warm place :o
About: I'm an evil person >:) baddass smiley ! I love sports cars LAMBORGHINNI ! I'm pretty chilled, but when people piss me off; I'M IN IT TO KILL ! Fist of all i'm not weird I have great respect for others and myself; my main interests are sport and music, I do ofcourse love sports cars; but i'd be perfectly happy working on a toyota or a citrus. I want to be a mechanic ! My music taste is stunning, I ADORE rock and bands such as: LiNkIn PaRk ! ParaMore ! Eminem ! DiStuRbeD ! Foo FiGhTeRz ! MeTaLLicA ! Well thats pretty much me, other than my looks: Tall (5 ft 5) Very dark brown hair, Lightly tanned skin, my eyes are stange; kinda a mood ring: >=L Angery- blueish dark green with a dark brown ring around the middle.. T _ T Crying: Lime green... > _ < Chilled or in water: Dark Brown... ^_^ Per Norm- Dark green dashed with redish brown. XD My dress style is slightly boyish as I am a FAN of hoodies :) GANGSTA ! So if you don't like the way I sound then.... well **** OFF !
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