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Im A Little Lazy But Im Fun To Be Around And I like Meeting New People ;) Umm Idk what else to say Hahaha [Hacked] By: Shh Its A Secret xD .~Never Delete Or I'll Steal Yur Cookies xD So Chris. I've Known Yu For A While But It Seems Like We've Known Each Other For Years! :DD Yur Reallyy Sweet, Funny, &' Such A Cutie ;D Lol, I Love Yu Just The Way Yu Are, Dont Let Anyone Tell Yu Different :D Yur Very Good At Making Me Laugh, Yur Such A Flirt. Gezz Boy, Comon Now xD I Already Know That I Can Trust Yu With Anything, Yur One Of The Sweetest Guys In This Chat Room. &' Im Glad I Met Yu!. Now I Gotta Run xD Byee 8-15-11 <----- I miss the girl that wrote this. shes amazing
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