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Location: A warm place :o
I know people who are mean i know god is real i don't care if people call me names i don't care because i am sick of people being rude to me people who are mean will get karma someday i don't know why or how but some people are just rude. This thing is worse than facebook you get more cyber bullied on here but guess what your real friends and god is on your side no matter what but the devil isn't people who don't believe in god will go hell. God is real and he is in my side no matter what you know who you are like some people i don't care just don't get in my way like the people in the chat they are rude people and bad things will happen to them if they don't believe and god also they are bullys also if they think i am a loser they just called their self a loser too. Bullys who are reading this i don't care about you because you are all jerks
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