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Name :Adrianna'Michelle (Audrey] Birthday : August 25th , 1997 Relationship Status : T a k e n Love of my life : Darius Quintin Anthony Young ....***i don't Eff with many because as you grow up in life you learn too know that its some boogee axss frogs on this earth; feel froggy; but don;t got the heart too leap; Research me before you EFF with me; i trust no one ' < 3 wanna be a first? it comes a time in life where you finally open your eyes andd see that you let the best thing that ever happened too you slip between your fingers=[ my advice too you; is too Grab it; Grip it , Reel it in' andd hold it tight; cause its not always gonna be there <3 <3 ; on my player status < 3 Team( Love]able #NoInvading =]
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