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TFS Football
This probably is the most interesting football (soccer) Flash game I have ever seen. The most interesting thing about it is the way you control your players. You can leave everything and watch your players play alone, but you also have two other ways of controlling the game: One of them is controlling the player with the ball with your keyboard (W to run forward, A and D to turn and Shift to shoot). The other way is to pause the game and tell every player what to do. You can tell the player with the ball where to pass it and other players where to run. Once you unpause the game the players will do what they're told. Don't forget to use Shoot button in the bottom menu. The player will only shoot if he's in the opponent's penalty zone. If you don't press the Shoot button, he will shoot anyway, but most probably it will be too late.
Added 23-Mar-07
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