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Wacky Ballz Blast
This is one of those games where you need to launch something as far as possible. In this case it's a ball. You first need to select the angle of the shoot pressing the Stop button when the angle is correct and then choose the power of the shoot pressing Stop where the meter shows the best value. Note that the highest power is achieved when the line is exactly in the middle of the power bar, not at its end. Then, when the ball is launched it can hit bounce circles and stars. Bonce circles bounce the ball and give you some bonus. When you hit a star you get one star. Then you need to stop some sort of one line slot machine that will tell you what bonus you receive. It can be more stars or a power-up. If it's a power-up it'll appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to use it.
Added 26-Dec-09
Played 97,377 times
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