Deep Fried Bread
Genre: Food / Cooking
Added: 25-Oct-08
Played: 36,544 times
Source: 123 Bee

In this game you are cooking deep fried bread. There'll be plates in the top part of the screen. If a plate has a bubble over it and the bubble shows bread with a number, you need to place this number of deep fried breads on it to complete the order. To make a deep fried bread you need to drag dough to the round press and close the press clicking on it. The dough will become round under the press, so you can open it and drag the dough onto the frying pen. If you have not placed the frying pen on the stove yet, do it and don't forget to light the fire under it. Once you have dough on the frying pen you need to add some oil. Click on the oil pot and then on the frying pen with dough. When your bread is well fried from one side you'll see a rotation sign near it which means that it needs to be flipped. Click on the bread to flip it. When it's fried from the other side too, click on it and then on the plate where you want to place it. You can have 4 frying pens on the stove and fry 4 breads at a time.

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