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Bungeoppang (Fish Shaped Pastry)
This game is very hard even if you know how to play it, so please read carefully. In this game you are cooking Bungeoppang, a Korean fish shaped pastry made of dough with sweet azuki bean filling. You cook and sell it on the open air, as it's done traditionally. Clients will come one by one and will ask for a number of Bungeoppangs. You must have the required number of perfectly made Bungeoppangs before the client loses his/her patience. It happens just several seconds after the client comes, so you need to bake Bungeoppangs in advance. To make a perfect Bungeoppang you need to:
1. Click on one of the fish shapes to open it.
2. Click on the container with the green stuff to put some oil.
Now starts the difficult part:
3. You need to put the right amount of dough. Click on the container with the beige stuff and hold the mouse button for a little while and release it. The meter in the top right corner must reach "Power" sign and not overpass it. If you mistake by more then 1 line, your Bungeoppang will not be worth a thing and you can forget about selling it.
4. The same thing must be done with azuki bean filling. This time you need to click and hold on the container with the brown stuff. It seems like the amount of azuki bean filling is not as important, but still you can spoil your Bungeoppang putting too much or too few of it.
5. Do the same thing you did in item 3 to put the top layer of dough over the filling. Here you have another chance to spoil your Bungeoppang if you put too much or to few.
When you're done putting the ingredients, the fish shape will close and will start baking the Bungeoppang.
6. When you see steam coming from a shape, click on the shape right away to flip it.
7. Some time after you flip a shape, you'll need to open it and take the Bungeoppang out. This is your last chance to spoil your Bungeoppang. If you open it too late, it will burn, and nobody will buy it. If you open it too early, you lose 10 points, but not the whole Bungeoppang with all the work you invested in it, so it's advisable to open it several times a couple of seconds before you believe it's ready.
This is probably the hardest cooking game in the world. Please try not to lose your patience playing it.
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