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Mystic Circle
In this game you are a descendant of a great warrior and posses super-natural powers. The Femoon Goddess gives you a quest: To recover all pieces of the magic mirror that has been broken. You start your adventure in a camp and need to complete a training mission before you proceed with your main mission. Talk to the head of the camp and start fighting the bad guys. Use the arrow keys, A-S-D-W or the mouse to move. Press U to toggle between walking and jumping. Press X or K to jump, Z or J for standard attack. Hold the attack key to continuous attack. C or L initiates the skilled attack. Skilled attacks require MP. You can collect various tools. Those of that appear at the shortcut bar can be called with 1-2-3 key shortcuts. 5-6-7-8-9 keys are used for the skills you have in the shortcut bar. Q opens the missions window. E takes you to the character's menu. You can press R to manage your tools and M to open the game's menu. T opens the map and Ctrl shows or hides the shortcuts bar.
Added 25-Jan-08
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