Genre: Food / Cooking
Added: 26-Jun-07
Played: 53,919 times
Rating: 8.80
This is another game with Sue as its main character. This time Sue makes a kind of potato sticks. She must take care of the whole process from growing potatoes to packing the final product. You have two types of potatoes. In the end, you will need to choose the right bag for the sort of potatoes you are using. To make potato sticks you need to:
  1. Water one of the potatoes on the field two times to make it grow. To water a potato you need click on the pink watering can in the bottom of the screen then on the potato.
  2. Water a grown potato again to make it strike a root and create a new potato.
  3. Click on a new potato to collect it.
  4. Place it on the barbeque.
  5. Remove it when it's fried and place it on the entrance trench of the machine.
  6. While you have less than 10 potatoes in the machine, the entrance hole will show the current number of potatoes. Once you have 10, the entrance will be closed and you'll have "Start" button on the door. Press it to start producing the dough.
  7. when the dough is ready, it will move to the small sphere of the machine. Select the right bag and pull the lever on the small sphere to throw ready sticks into the bag. You must throw to dozes of sticks to complete 1 bag.
Press Space to move the screen.
Instead of frying a potato, you can plant it elsewhere and have more potato bushes.
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