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Monster Master
this game is similar to Meganic Wars, but more complicated. You're dealt cards that represent monsters or special abilities. You place monsters in the fighting area and once they're summoned you can use them to attack the opponent's monsters. If the opponent has no monsters on the board, you can attack him directly and reduce his life points. The player who runs out of life points loses. To start summoning you monster, drag its card to the board. When it's summoned, you can drag the monster car to an opponent's monster card to initiate a battle. In the battle, numbers are rolled. The better attack your monster has, the better is your chance to roll a high number. The monster that rolls a higher number, wins the battle and hits the enemy monster for the difference between the numbers. Every monster on a board can attack once per turn, so the more monsters you have on the board, the more times you can attack the opponent. Special ability cards can be used on a specific monster or can have a global effect. Specific monster cards must be dragged onto the monster you want to use them for. To use a card with a global effect, just double click it.
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