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This is a complicated RPG game, where you need to take care of economical issues, follow the story and fight the bad guys. You are a caravaneer in a post-apocalyptic world. In fact, the area where the story takes place is a desert. The inhabitants of this desert try to develop some industry, but without being able to transport goods, this is quite useless. Due to that, caravaneer is the most wanted profession in this world, and the most profitable one. However, your job is not very pleasant. To transport goods you need to risk your life, because there's no law out there in the desert, and robbers are as thick as blackberries.

The game is very realistic, and apart from trading goods and buying weapons to fight robbers, you need to take care of your caravan: buy and organize transport, hire people, provide food, water and fuel etc. All this makes the game very complicated, so make sure you read the tutorial before you start.

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