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The Emperor's Runaway Cart
This game is based on "The Emperor's New Groove" cartoon. You play as Kuzco. You receive a letter from Malina where she says she will meet you in Yzma's secret lab. So, you take a cart that is supposed to take you to this lab and hit the road. What you don't know is that Malina never wrote this letter, it was Yizma, who has evil plans. And the other thind is that your cart has no breaks. You'll be sliding down the track without being able to control your speed. Yizma and Kronk will be riding another cart behind you. You can press space to stand up and either catch high items or turn switches that will open and close gates. If you bump into a closed gate, you lose health. If Yizma & Kronks carts bumps into it, they lose health too. One of your goals is to get rid of them, so try to make them bump as often as you can. There is a number of tracks located above each other. to get from track to track, press up or down arrow keys while you are on a track switch.
Added 18-May-07
Played 100,120 times
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