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Turtillion Island
In this game you need to save sea turtles population. You must find the eggs sea turtles lay on your island's beaches and take these eggs to the hatchery where they'll hatch safely. The first part of your job consists in finding eggs on the beaches and bringing them to the hatchery. You must hurry, because you only have time until the dusk and you only can carry 15 eggs at a time. Note that you walk much faster on some terrains than on others. Choose the best paths to move as fast as possible. The second part of your job consists in powering the hatchery using ecological power sources. During sunny days you get you power from the sun. To use the sun power efficiently you need to adjust the sun panel's angle to make look as directly as possible to the sun. You can adjust the angle each time you get to the hatchery. When the night falls you can charge the battery a bit more riding a bicycle connected to the generator. Press the left and right arrows alternatively to do so. The faster you press, the more you charge the battery.
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