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Stones Masters
This game is a mixture of an RPG and a Match-Three. Another game that is similar to this one is Spellblazer. There's a typical Match-Three field in every battle where you need to switch positions of adjacent items to line up 3 or more identical ones. When you do it, the lined items disappear and the empty space is occupied by the items above. In this game your goal is to defeat various opponents reducing their health to 0. There are 2 ways to attack an enemy: To line up so called Physical Attack items which are the ones that have a sword on them or to collect some elemental energies and to use them to cast spells. It's a good idea to go to the shop and buy some spells before you begin your first battle. You collect the same number of energy as the number of items eliminated. Place your mouse over one of the available spells to see how much of each energy you need to spell it. Both you and your opponent play at the same field moving the same items, which means that you must try and not leave any good combinations after your turn.
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