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Hey Wizard: Quest for the Magic Mojo
This game is a sequel to Hey Wizard. Like in the first part, you're a wizard who needs to pass platform levels. Unlike normal platformers, here you can't jump normally. You'll need to use your magic to take off the ground. You have 3 kinds of magic you can switch with the number keys. The first 2 are lightning and fire magic. The lightning charges while you hold the mouse button and shoots when you release it. The fire is shot as long as you hold the mouse button. If you shoot one of these magics against the ground, it'll throw you into the air. The fire magic makes it feel like a real flight, while the lightning is more similar to a jump. The third kind of magic release a monster that attacks enemies on its way. No matter what kind of magic you use, it consumes your magic energy. You can't cast any spells if you run out of it. The goal of the game is to summon so called Mojos. You'll need to collect these Mojos in every level to pass it.
Added 20-Oct-09
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