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Soda Man
In this game you have a guy who flies with the help of a soda can on his back. The first thing to do is to shake this soda can to give it some propulsive power. You have a mechanical arm that does it. You only have a couple of seconds since the moment you click for the first time. You must shake your mouse as quickly as possible during this time to gain more power. Then you'll need to click once again when you believe the angle shown by a red line is appropriate. When you do it, the mechanical arm removes the cup from the can and Soda Man starts flying under the angle you've selected. Now you can click and hold the mouse button to correct the trajectory. You can only do it while you have some soda power in your can. There'll be soda caps and other objects in the air. Take advantage of the objects that may keep you in the air and collect as many caps as you can. Caps are used as money to buy upgrades between levels.
Added 20-Sep-09
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