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Ethereal Masters
The full name of this game is Ethereal Masters Magical Dueling Card Game. It's some sort of card game where cards are placed on free slots of a 4x4 board and interact with nearby cards following quite complex rules. There are arrows on the edges of the card. If there's an arrow looking to a specific direction, it means that this card can attack and defend in this direction. When you place a card, this card attacks the adjacent squares in the directions of its arrows. If there are opponents cards in these squares your card can either posses them if they can't defend in the opposite direction or fight them if they can. All cards have attacking and defending values. It's normally a range, so the real number falls between the lower and the higher limit. During a battle cards generate numbers the attacker's number depends on its attacking values and the defender's on its defending values. The one who has a higher number, captures the other card. Attacking and defending values have elements next to them. Elements divide or multiply the number depending on their combination. Read the in-game tutorial to learn more about elements and their interaction.
Added 25-Jun-09
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