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Gunslingers Gold: The Duke of Cutted Rock
This is some sort of real time RPG game. You are a cowboy at the wild west and you're looking for treasure left by one of the armies during the war. You need to get to Cutted Rock town, find a guy called The Duke and make him tell you where the treasure is. You'll need to fight your way there completing various side missions. You move your character with A-S-D-W and shoot or use your weapons with the mouse. The enemies will have green cones that will represent the area they see. If you get into this area, the enemy notices you, attacks you and calls for help. You can fight face-to-face battles; sneak on you enemies' backs and cut their throats without making any noise or even pass unnoticed if you like. You can change the weapons you carry with the number keys.
Added 30-Apr-09
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