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Tree Troopers
In this game you need to plant and grow trees constantly fighting factories and their pollution weapons. You do it quite originally. There's a field with some slots. Your base tree called "Earth Tree" grows on the top of this field right in the center. The upper side of the field is yours. The rest is for the factories. There's only one factory in the beginning, but there'll be more later. Besides, the factories can build turrets in the field slots. The turrets in the slots and the factories themselves can fire projectiles that will damage your trees. You can click anywhere to provoke a fire explosion in this place and destroy factory projectiles and the turrets in the slots. The factories cannot be destroyed this way. To destroy factories you need to build trees that will produce attacking units. You can press Space or click on "build" button in the top right corner to go to the trees menu where you can initiate building of new trees or upgrade the existing ones. You need mana to produce units and simply maintain trees. If you run out of mana your trees will become inactive. Press on the number you have next to an inactive tree to activate it.
Added 24-Feb-09
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