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This is quite a typical TD (Tower Defense) game. Enemies are moving along a path and your goal is to build defensive towers on the sides of the path. The towers will shoot the enemies. You must protect the castle located in the end of the path and try and kill the enemies before they reach it. You start with only one type of the towers you can build. As you progress, you can research new types or simply receive them from the king. To upgrade a tower you don't click on it like in other games of the genre, but select upgrade from the right-hand menu and then click on the tower. Clicking on a tower without selecting the upgrade first will change the tower's focus. The focus tells the tower what enemy it should attack in the first place. Another original thing is that when the enemies reach the castle they start hitting it. They'll stand there and will hit the castle until they completely destroy it or until you find a way to kill them. Therefore the towers built right next to the castle receive more strategical importance in this game.
Added 19-Feb-09
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