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Chicken Flying School
In this game you teach chicks to fly. You first get eggs from the hen. You can click on an egg to make it hatch faster. If you don't do it it'll hatch anyway, but a little bit later. Then you can click on the chick to through it to the air. Once again, if you don't do it, the chick will do it itself a bit later. When chicks are in the air you need to keep them their pumping hot air. To do so you just need to click anywhere on the screen. While chicks are flying they earn experience. If they have enough experience, they become flying chicks and you get your points for them. You need to tech a certain number of chicks to pass a level. There will be different things like enemies who can harm your chicks or objects that give you extra points. You need to click on these things to get rid of them or to make them do what they're supposed to do.
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