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Monkey Wizard
This game can look as a typical platformer at the first sight, but it's not. You do jump between platforms and need to get to certain locations, but you have special powers you need to use if you want to get anywhere. You move with A-D and jump with W. You can throw magical poo clicking anywhere and then guiding it with your mouse. If you hit something with your magical poo you implement the currently selected power on this object. You can choose between "Levitate" and "Possess" powers pressing space. Levitate power works on rocks and Possess power works on animals. When you levitate a rock or posses and animal you start moving them with A-S-D-W instead of the monkey. You mainly need this to get to the places you can't get with the monkey and press buttons. Press Q to return back to the monkey.
Added 22-Jan-09
Played 100,231 times
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