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Castle Smasher
This game is very similar to Ice Castle Blaster. You have a castle and a catapult. Your goal is to totally destroy the castle using the balls you have. You also need to make sure that enemy soldiers don't destroy your catapult before you accomplish your mission. TO fire a ball aim with the mouse. Click and hold to set the power. Release to shoot. If your ball hits a castle wall, the wall becomes lower and finally disappears after several shots. Your ball bounces off the wall and can hit other walls too. A big problem you should have is that you run out of balls too fast. You can collect extra balls hitting the walls they are located on, but still it's not enough. You should learn to hit as many walls with one ball as possible. If you hit walls with soldiers, soldiers may start walking towards your catapult. If they manage to get to it, they'll destroy it and you'll lose. There are 2 ways to stop them: to hire guards that will fight them hand to hand or to hit them with the balls. In the end of each level you can purchase one upgrade that can be an extra ball to start with, extra bouncy balls or another guard.
Added 7-Jan-09
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