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Monster Truck Maniac
In this game you have a monster truck. You can use this monster truck in 3 different mini games. The first one is called long jump. You can adjust the ramp using your mouse and then jump accelerating with the left and right arrows. You need to go as far as possible. There'll be bombs and mud on your way. Mud will slow you down and bombs will throw you into the air making you go farther. In the second game you have water mines. You jump from a small ramp and need to land on the mines to continue. If you miss, you'll sink. Unless the jump game here you control your monster truck in the air. The third mini game is called air mines. This time mines are hanging int the air and you need to go as high as possible hitting the mines. As well as in water mines game you control your monster truck with the arrow keys while being in the air. You can play any of the games separately or pass missions which will include these games and will have distances you'll need to beat to pass the mission.
Added 29-Dec-08
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