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Hey Wizard
In this game you're a wizard. You accidentally open a hyper gate that steals almost all your skills and takes them to the hyper space. Now you need to follow the gate and get your skills back. You are moving with A and D. You can't jump, but you can use your magic to throw yourself into the air or even fly for a while. You have 3 magic skills: Lighting, Fire and Necro Hand. You select one of them with 1-2-3 keys and use them with your mouse. If you fire a lighting into the ground it will throw you in to the air. If you select fire and shoot it downwards it will make you fly. The same magics can be used to fight your enemies. Necro Hand magic makes a huge arm grow from the place where you apply it. This arm will stop your enemies. It can also help if you want to climb somewhere. Each time you use a certain magic, its level decreases. If you do nothing, the level will grow, but it will happen slowly. If you want the level of your currently selected magic grow faster, switch to a different magic..
Added 16-Dec-08
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