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Burger Maker
This game is in Japanese. If you don't speak it, you'll not be able to read the game's instructions. The game is not very complicated. There's a good chance that you'll understand how it works by yourself. It's quite a typical cooking game where clients order food in your burger restaurant and you need to cook this food and serve it to them. Your typical orders will be burgers. To make a burger pay attention to the ingredients the order has and start preparing them and dragging them in bottom to top order to the client's tray. Some ingredients, like buns on cheese, don't need any preparations. Just drag them to the tray. The ingredients the have a bubbles symbol on them need to be fried. To fry them click and hold the mouse button for a while. Other things need to be cut. To cut something click it several times. Finally, a cycling arrow means that you need to do circles with your mouse over the ingredient's area while holding the mouse button to prepare it. The game is quite challenging and you need to be very fast to not lose clients..
Added 12-Dec-08
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