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Musician Sue
This game is in Korean and it will soon have comments like "Translate it to English! We don't speak Chinese!". Guys, this game is not ours and we cannot translate it. All we can do is to explain how it works here, in this description, but it serves for nothing if you don't read it.
It's another game from Sue series. This time Sue and her friends have a music band. You need to help them play music. You'll have musical notes moving from right to left in the top of the screen. There'll be a highlighted area where the notes need to be played. To play a note correctly you need to click on the right instrument when the note is in the highlighted area. You now which note goes to which instrument by the color. For example, when playing drums and a green note enters the highlighted area you need to click on the green drum. The musicians involved in playing will change and you'll have different sets of instruments in different songs..
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