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Red Code
In this game you are a futuristic space traveler who crashes on an unknown planet. All the crew, but you are dead and your goal is to protect yourself and the ship from the hostile inhabitants of the planet. You move and jump with A-S-D-W. You shoot with the mouse. While you're by yourself you can use your rifle or grenades. Your rifle can shoot in 3 modes: Single, burst and shotgun. Burst and shotgun do more damage, but consume more ammo. If your rifle is out of ammo you can't shoot and need to wait until it's restored. Your rifle is not the only way to kill the enemies. When monsters get close to your mother ship, a small automatic Vulcan cannon starts shooting at them. You can stand there and help the cannon with your rifle, but you can also do another thing: Get inside the ship and press Space to enter the cabin. When you do this, you can't move or use your rifle anymore, but can use the ship's big Vulcan cannon, which is a very effective weapon. When killing monsters you earn energy points. Energy points can be spent to upgrade your weapons. To do so press "Upgrade" in the bottom menu and then click on the icon of the weapon you want to upgrade.
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