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Panda Food
This game is in Japanese, but you don't really need any instructions to play it. Your goal is to feed panda family. Each panda will have its diet that will be shown in the top-right corner of the screen. It will consist of different foods and each type will have a minimum amount. You'll need to collect these or higher amounts of the corresponding foods. To collect them you play a Match-Three game, meaning that you need to create horizontal or vertical lines of 3 or more identical items to collect them. Unlike the classical version match-three, you don't switch the positions of adjacent pieces, but rotate 4 pieces squares. You select the square to rotate with the mouse and click to rotate it. The square is rotated 1 piece clockwise. If such position does not create any 3 collectible lines, the square keeps rotating clockwise until it returns to its initial position.
Added 2-Dec-08
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