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Jelly Towers
In this game you have a tribe that warships a giant monster called Jydra. To please Jydra you need to feed it jelly. You'll have jelly blocks of various sizes and shapes and will need to mount them the way one of the blocks will be near Jydra's mouth. Click and drag the blocks to build towers. Remember that jelly is slippery and your construction must be very stable. Sometimes Jydra will want a jelly block of a certain color. In this case you can only satisfy Jydra if you put this block next to its mouth. If you out a different one, Jydra will roar loudly shaking and probably destroying your construction. However, this roar may also be useful to make blocks fall from unreachable places. On later levels Jydra will have several heads and all of them will need to be fed. Besides, each of them may want a different jelly.
Added 25-Nov-08
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