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Alien Killbillies
In this game you are an alien flying in a UFO somewhere over the US countryside. Your mission in each level is to abduct a certain amount of certain species. These can be aliens, cow, sheep etc. You control your flying saucer with the arrow keys. Make sure to avoid buildings and bullets of the angry rednecks. Press space to activate your beam. Press it again to deactivate it. It's an abduction beam by default meaning that any creature within this beam will move up towards your flying saucer. Don't move left or right while abducting or you'll lose the subject. When you press C, lights on your flying saucer turn red and you switch to the destruction mode. In destruction mode you fire a red beam that kills creatures. Use in on the rednecks, but not on the species you need to collect. Pressing Z activates and deactivates shield around your UFO that protects you against bullets. You only have space for 1 creature in your UFO. When it's occupied, you need to go back to the big spaceship to empty it. It's very important to watch your power meter carefully. Flying around consumes energy, but using the shield and beams consumes it even more. You need to get to the big spaceship to recharge your energy. If you run out of energy you'll crash and lose a life.
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