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Dainty Doughnuts
In this game you are baking and selling donuts. You need to take care of your supplies in the first place. Click on the shopping cart in the top left corner to buy supplies. You never know what kind of supplies you'll need next, so buy them all just in case. The game has 2 screens: The kitchen and the front part. You need to start making donuts from the kitchen. Do the following: Drag one of the 4 trays into the baking machine. Press the green button to close the machine. Click on the required donut shape to bake it. Once the tray is ready, drag it back to where it was. Now, when you go to the front part you'll have the trays of donuts you have baked there too. When a customer comes, he/she will have an order in the bubble. You can place your mouse cursor over this bubble to see the order in text (it can be useful, because some images may be confusing). The orders will normally have a donut of a certain shape with some icing and some dressing and a cup of Java. Click on the tray with donuts of the required shape, click on one of the donuts and take it to the decorating table in the center of the screen. Click on the required topping and then on the donut. Do the same thing with the dressing. Click on the tray stack near the register. One of the trays will be separated from the stack. Drag your donut onto this tray. To make Java, drag a cup into the machine and press the symbol of the required color. Drag the cup onto the order tray. If everything is correct the client will take the order and leave money. You must drag the money to the register or you'll not have place for the next tray. Have less than 5 unsatisfied customers in 1 day to pass the day. Remember that you may run out of stocks and will need to order more of a certain ingredient.
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