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Haunted House Candy Hunt
This is one of those retro games with few colors, huge pixels and PC speaker sounds adapted for Flash. If you don't feel nostalgic about those games, you probably won't find anything in this one. It has a Halloween story: An astronaut Jek Porkins and an alien Ponda Baba go to a haunted house to recover candy stolen by evil Grim Reaper. You need to help them complete their quest avoiding monsters and traps Jek and Ponda are good friends and that's why they walk together holding hands. You can move them, make them jump, duck and climb ropes with the arrow keys. You can also kick pressing A, but don't expect to kill monsters kicking them. Only few kinds of them can be killed this way. Kicking is useful for moving some objects that in some cases can kill monsters when moved.
Added 29-Oct-08
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