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Halloween Witch
This game has some text in English and some (like instructions) in Korean. However, the game is very simple and intuitive, so you'll not actually need any instructions. You are a witch who cooks a special magic stew on the Halloween night. You need to collect the required ingredients before you run out of time. 6 ingredients will appear in the bottom of the screen. 4 lines of black shapes will be moving above the ingredients line. You need to drag ingredients from the bottom line to their shapes on the moving lines. Once all shapes in one line are filled with ingredients, this line stops. Your goal is to fill and stop all 4 lines. Note that stopping a line gives you extra time, which means that the best strategy is to try and fill one line and then go for the next one. If you want to throw away one of the ingredients you have in the bottom, drag it to the witch's cauldron. If you place some ingredients to their places successfully, the leftmost ingredient in the line will be turned into a Halloween pumpkin head. A pumpkin head is a joker. You can use it to fill any shape. If you pass a level, you'll get more ingredients and more shapes in the next one.
Added 28-Oct-08
Played 100,306 times
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