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This game is in Korean and it's quite hard, so please read this description before you start:
In this game you have a machine and you need to use it to make certain sweets. The sweets you need to make appear in the square at the top of the screen. There are 3 types of sweets: Balls of different colors, chocolate tiles and sticks.

To make a chocolate tile you need to pull the lever at the chocolate reservoir in the right part of the screen. You need to do it at the right moment so the chocolate that is dropped onto the conveyor will be pressed by the right stamp. If you do nothing before pulling the lever, you will drop brown chocolate. To make it pink, pull the lever below the "Dalki" bowl located just above the chocolate reservoir. Note that brown and pink tiles must have different stamps on them.

Making balls is easier. There's a huge nut connected to the dressing machine through the small chocolate deposit. Pull the lever on the chocolate deposit to make a nut pass through it and fall into the dressing machine. Then press the button of the required color on the dressing machine. When the dressing is ready, pull the lever at the right part of the machine to release the ball.

To make sticks you need to pull the lever you have on the machine in the top left corner of the screen. A stick will be released and will start moving down into the chocolate. Your goal is to make it stop when the stick is ready. To do so, click on the blinking heart button. If you do it too late, the stick will have to much chocolate and you'll need to throw it. If you do nothing before yo start you make a brown stick. To make a white stick click the pink thing you have on the "Milk" bowl near the stick making machine.

You only have 100 seconds to make all the required sweets. So try and not waste any time.
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