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Diner Dash: Hometown Hero
This is one of Diner Dash games. In this one you go to your hometown and work in a countryside restaurant. Diner Dash is a typical waiting game. You'll have a number of tables. Groups of clients will come and wait in the left part of the screen. You need to drag these groups to the tables to sit the clients there. The table must be available a clean before you can put there a client. Once the clients sit down they start reading the menu. When they're finished and ready to order you need to click on their table to take their order. Then you need to take the order to the chef. Just leave it on the orders thingy on the bar stand. After a while the chef will prepare the order. It will appear on the bar stand with a number of it. You'll see the same number on one of the tables. Take the order there. Once the clients eat it all you need to click on there table to bring them the bill. When they leave you need to click on the table once again to clean it. Take the dirty plates to the blue plates reservoir in the right part of the screen.
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