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The Strangers 2
This is the second part of The Strangers game. You are a sniper once again, but this time you need to protect an African village from rebels. You'll have 5 different areas. 4 of them can be selected directly and the 5th becomes available when you pass the first 4. Your primary goal in each of the 4 initial areas is to protect a certain building. The rebels will try to destroy it throwing torches. Your goal is to shoot these torches or the strangers who are bout to throw them. The secondary goal is to kill a certain number of strangers. Strangers are green. Don't confuse them with villagers. If you kill a villager, you'll need to begin this area anew. Shoot with the mouse. Watch your load. Press Space to reload when you run out of bullets or when you have a free moment before a new wave of strangers.
Added 19-Jun-08
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