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Brute Wars
This game is similar to Monsters' Den. It's a sort of RPG game in which you have a group of 6 animals and need to defeat enemy groups. Every animal has its particular parameters and the way it attacks the enemy. You can random-select the initial group and then change your animals buying randomize items. Your animals get experience and improve their parameters. Some animals are magical. These animals allow you cast spells of certain kinds and react differently to certain items. During the battle you can attack the enemy clicking on the animal you want to perform the attack, switch the positions of the animals pressing the corresponding button it the left part of the screen and then selecting the animals you can switch. You can also cast spells opening the spells menu at the right edge and selecting a spell. After each level you can and need to feed your animals to regain their health and revive the dead ones. Once you get to a shop spot, you'll be able to buy new items.
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