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Homerun Derby
In this game you are Loney Tunes' Bugs Bunny playing baseball. You are the batter and need to hit the balls thrown by the pitcher. Your goal is to score at least 5 home runs per level. You'll need to hit at the right location and the right moment. The game can be controlled by the mouse or by the numpad. Every number on the numpad corresponds to one of the nine squares you have on the screen. You must select the square where the ball will be when it must be hit. If your numpad doesn't work, press "Num Lock" key. If you don't have a numpad, use your mouse to click on the square you want to hit. To choose the right moment for the hit, watch the ball's shadow. When it reaches your base, it's the time. The first pitcher is Tweety and her balls are easy to hit. Other pitchers will throw the ball faster and will do different tricks to make it harder for you.
Added 1-Jun-08
Played 100,119 times
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