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Sandwich Bar
In this game yo are running a sandwich bar. As in most other games of the genre, clients come and order a sandwich and/or a drink. Each of the things is made a different way and clients' patience ends fast, so you'll probably need some practice before you'll be able to satisfy a customer. Here are the things you need to do:

To make a sandwich
- Click on the bread to start frying it.
- Click on the eggs to start frying an egg.
- When the egg says "OK", click on it to put it onto the bread.
- Click on the sauce bottles to add sauce.
- Click on the bread to close the sandwich.
- Click on the ready sandwich to send it to the first customer.

To make a fruit drink:
- Click on the fruits section to go there.
- Drag the required fruit to the mixer.
- When the drink is ready click on it to take it to your tray.
- Click on the customer to go there.
- Click on the drink on your tray to give it to the customer.

To make a coffee
- Click on the coffee machine to go there.
- Click and hold the mouse button until the level of the coffee in the glass is between the 2 dashed lines at the top.
- Take the coffee to the customer the same way you did it with the fruit drink.

To serve milk
- Take the required box of milk clicking on it and take it to the customer the same way you did it with coffee and fruit drinks.

To throw something to the garbage
- Click on the garbage can to go there.
- Click on one of the items on your tray to throw it away.
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