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ONG's Sisters Cooking Machine
ONG's Sisters are a cat and a girl dressed like a cat. In the intro they are fighting for the last snack on the plate. I don't speak Korean, but I suppose that after running out of snacks the sisters decided to make more. You don't see the sisters during the game. The only thing you deal with is a complicated cooking machine that can make 4 kinds of snacks. You will see how many snacks of each kind you need on the monitor in the top right corner. There are no numbers. All snacks have different shapes and you'll know how many snacks you need according to the number of its shapes. To make different snacks you'll need to activate different parts of the machine. Each snack requires 2 actions and the second one is timed, which means that you need to stop it at the right moment. There are levers and buttons you'll need to pull and press to start and stop processes. It's hard to explain what does what without showing it on the picture. The best way to learn it is to waste 1 or 2 games testing different levers and buttons to see what each one does.
Added 28-Mar-08
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