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Drunken Masters
This is a truly elaborated bartender game. You select your look and start working as a bartender in a bar. You will need to pass a very long tutorial to learn all the things you can do in this game. Generally, you need to serve drinks to customers without making them wait for too long and trying to keep them happy. You'll start serving beers, which is the easiest task in the game. You'll just need to drag beers from the fridge to the customers as quickly as possible. Then you will learn to serve other drinks that require a glass and a specific amount of the required liquor, and finally you'll need to mix cocktails. To keep the customers happy you can perform various tricks like flipping bottles and other acrobatic movements. The happier the customers are, the more tips you'll earn, so try and learn these tricks and make drinks as fast as you can.
Added 14-Mar-08
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