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Pokemon: Towering Legends
This is neither an action nor an RPG game as one should expect from Pokemon theme. This is rather a skill or puzzle game where you need to stack crystals of the same color collecting them in the game ares. Your main goal is to eliminate all crystals the crystals. When you roll your mouse over one of the crystals, you collect it and it start following your mouse. If you make this crystal hit another one of the same color, they will stack and you will drag 2 crystals. You can stack as many crystals of the same color as you like. Then, you can click the mouse button and create a fusion eliminating the crystals in your stack. Beware of crystals of a different color. If you hit one of them with your stack, you provoke an explosion and your stack and the crystal you have hit fall in different parts of the game area. You can collect and eliminate all crystals one by one, but this way you will lose time and points.
Added 21-Mar-08
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