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Pancake Day
In this game you are making pancakes. In the first part you need to prepare the dough. This part is rather decorative because it's very hard to make a mistake here. You just need to drag all the ingredients you have on the table to the mixer. When you're done with this you will start cooking. Making a pancake consists of 3 major actions: spreading the dough on the frying pan, flipping the pancake when it's ready from one side and taking it from the frying pan when it's ready from the other side. To spread the dough, move your mouse in circles. Then you need to wait for a while and when a button with a circle arrow appears above the pancake, click on it to flip the pancake. When it appears for the second time, click on it again to take the pancake to the plate. You start with 1 frying pen and will end up with 4.
Added 23-Feb-08
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