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In this game the ex-wrestler Jake you have seen in Takeaway Jake and Thrills'n'Spills games takes care of a candy shop. This game is somewhat different from standard serving games. You are not supposed to serve the right order to the client. When a client appears, you need to move Jake next to it using the arrow keys and to press Space to serve the client. He/she will choose candies automatically, but to make every client spend more money you need to have a cast variety of candies. Candies disappear from their racks and you need to refill them. To do so, go to the left part of the screen, stand next to the dispenser and click Space. You will take candies of a certain type. You can see what type of candies you are carrying in the top left corner of the screen. Take these candies to the racks in the right part of the screen and press the number key that corresponds to the rack with candies of this specific type. The less racks are empty, the more money clients will spend.
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