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Madrasi Dhaba (Indian Pancakes)
This is an Indian food game as well as Mithai Ghar. This time you have a sort of pancake restaurant. Clients come and sit at the tables. You need to make pancakes and serve them to the clients. To make a pancake, you need to spill dough onto the grill. When it turns golden, you need to flip it and drag it on to the plate to your left after a while. When you have one or more pancakes on the plate you can drag it to one of the clients and serve the pancakes. Each client will have a number in the bubble above his head. This is the number of pancakes the client wants. It's not necessary have the same number on the plate when you drag it to the client. If there are more pancakes, the client will take the number he wants. If there are less, he will take all and his order number will be reduced.
Added 12-Jan-08
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