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Forgotten Rites

In this game you are a girl of Ethonian nation living on a planet ruled by Drakojans. You investigate things about Pioneers, creatures who are believed to live on this planet before Drakojans. Suddenly Drakojan chief calls you and asks you to take part in an investigation expedition that has to do with strange phenomenons that happen lately. These phenomenons are especially strong at a Royals' station located near a cite of Drakojan gods. The chief tells you that several years ago Royals entered the cite that was only available to Drakojans and discovered amazing technology that is now used by the inhabitants of the planet. That's when the phenomenons started to appear. When you arrive to the station, the station's security system is initiated by itself and your craft is shot. Luckily, everyone survives the crash and you can start your investigation.

Use the arrow keys to walk and jump. Press Enter to interact with objects and persons and skip dialogs with no options. Hold A to run. Press S to use your special powers that can break objects, D to kick/punch and P to go to the game menu where you can access you inventory.

Added 19-Oct-07
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